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Michael Talboys engagements; covered in recent years
After graduating at the end of the 1950s, Michael entered the world of London fashion, as assistant designer to Mr Michael, ‘the couturier’, and then, in the early 1960s, to Sir Norman Hartnell, the Queen's designer. He then went into ready-to-wear and was appointed Chief Designer at ‘Marcusa’. Following this Michael commenced lecturing at The London College of Fashion.

In 1975 he took a sabbatical year to study The Decorative Arts, a 1 year course attached to the Victoria & Albert Museum, and has subsequently been invited back each year by that course to lecture on the subject of 19th Century textiles until 1995.

In 1978 Michael took up a Senior Lectureship at the London College of Fashion, teaching Fashion Design and the History of Costume. In 1982 he was asked by the College to devise and head a course in Fashion Journalism and Public Relations, which he did for the next six years. This course quickly grew in stature and became renowned for the calibre of its students. He became a member of the National Union of Journalists and began writing freelance fashion articles and giving talks on BBC radio including Woman's Hour.

Acknowledged as a fashion expert with in-depth historical knowledge, Michael was invited to join the advisory panel for costume at Museum of London, where he ran seminars and took a proactive role in the Friends of Fashion Society.

In 1993 he succeeded in obtaining a folder of royal dress designs from the late Ian Thomas, designer to the Queen, & colleague of Michael's during his time at Hartnell. He obtained and donated this folder to the Royal Dress Collection at Kensington Palace.

In 1994 Michael was made an honorary life member of The Fashion Group of London for his services, in furthering educational links with the fashion industry. He was also later to be elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in August 2002.

In the last ten years he has written extensively for magazines such as Majesty and has given television interviews on matters of Royal Dress for the B.B.C., I.T.V., Sky, Z.D.F., N.B.C. C.N.N. and also for B.B.C. T.V. and B.B.C. Radio.

Four articles on Royal Dress for Majesty Magazine, Christmas issue on HRH Princess Alice Duchess of Gloucester, on reaching her 100th birthday; Spring issue on HM The Queen's Evening Dresses exhibition at Bath Costume Museum and the May issue on 'Five Queens Royal Wedding Dresses' exhibition at Kensington Palace.
Lecture on The 'Coronation Dress' for The Costume Society in Norwich Castle Museum lecture hall on 23rd March 2002.
Lecture 1st May 2002 at The Victoria & Albert Museum on the Coronation Dress, entitled 'Fit For A Queen'.
Invited by Z.D.F. German T.V., for live coverage of the Golden Jubilee broadcast live from the Mall on 3 rd June 2002
Lecture on 9th June at the National Portrait Gallery: 'Norman Hartnell designs for the Queen's Coronation.'
Talk with Slides for The Conservator's of The Royal Palaces on 'Hartnell's Designs & Embroideries for the Coronation of 1953', at Hampton Court Palace, 11th June 2002.
Illustrated talk with slides on 13th June 2002 for the London Fashion Group's Golden Jubilee Party, on 'Hartnell's Dress for the Queen & other Royal Gowns for the Coronation of June 1953'; in the Gold Card Suite, Dickens & Jones.
Face-to-face interview on Hartnell with Penny Ruddock, Curator of Bath Costume Museum, during the seminar 'A Royal Day' on 15th June 2002.
Lecture on 'The Coronation Dress' for The Red Cross Golden Jubilee event on 15th October 2002 in Walton Hall, Warwickshire.
Lecture on 30th October 2002 for L.A.C.D.E. at the London College of Fashion: 'On Royal Dress'.
During 2003 - 2008 he assisted the curator with five specialist exhibitions on Royal Dress held at Buckingham Palace.
October 2010, article in Majesty's October issue on the opening of The Hardy Amies Museum by Princess Alexandra on Friday 23rd June 2010.
Article on 'The Queen's Style', appeared in Majesty's June 2012 Souvenir issue on the Diamond Jubilee.
On 5th June 2012, Michael was invited by the B.B.C. to sum up on the Queen and the other Royal Ladies style, worn at the River pageant for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.
On 20th March 2013, Michael's was invited, to give his lecture 'Fit for a Queen' for the Women's Council at the Bahrain Embassy, 30 Belgrave Square, London.
Michael appeared in a B.B.C.4 T.V. six part series, on 'British Royalty', shown in Autumn of 2013, and later Internationally.
In June 2013, Michael was interviewed about 'The Queens Coronation Dress' for N.B.C.'s Today's programme.
Recently Michael took part in a documentary on the life of Mme Marie, the Queen's former milliner called 'The Millinery Lesson'. The film of her life story will be previewed on Sunday the 25th March, at the end of London Milliner week(invitation only). It is hoped to be shown on T.V. later this year.
The Queen's Crown
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